House Rules

Here’s what I’m thinking, and people can shoot this down if they so choose. I’d like to play the game every other Saturday beginning at 1 PM with each session going no longer than 5 PM.

1. All players will receive the normal three bennies at the beginning of every gaming session. Additional bennies will be provided at the GM’s discretion, but here are some hints on how to get extra bennies:

  • Complete level-ups, spell creation, interludes, etc, before the official game time begins.
  • Bring me food or something else awesome.
  • Role-play! I want this game to be role-playing intensive. I don’t mean you need to dress up and use a voice (unless you want to). What I do mean is that in instances where your character would act in a way contrary to what you yourself would do, and then you do that, then you are role-playing. I want this!
  • Create useful background information for your character that I can work into the game. Doesn’t have to be a book, but some idea of where you want your character to go will help me help you get there.
  • Be on time.
  • Help others.

2. The Golden Benny! This special benny will be provided to a player during the closest gaming session to their birthday. The Golden Benny allows for powerful mulligans of otherwise disastrous situations, including death. It can also make any failed roll—ANY FAILED ROLL—automatically succeed with a raise. Spend it wisely.

3. As long as two players will be there, I’ll try to at least run an encounter.

4. No guts. I think it’s a waste of a skill when Spirit is absolutely an appropriate straight attribute roll.

House Rules

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