Mage-Knight Emeric Dragomilov of the First Sphere

Noble high wizard who is facinated with Necromancy


Agility – d4
Smarts – d8
Strength – d6
Spirit – d4
Vigor – d8

Heahwisardry – d10
Knowledge: Arcana – d8
Notice – d8
Persuasion – d8
Fighting – d4

Charisma – 2
Pace – 6
Parry – 4+1
Toughness – 6+2

Hindrances: Necromantic weakness (major), All thumbs (minor), Stubborn (minor), Haughty (minor)- treats Magocracy peasants with minor disdain—added by GM

Edges: Arcane background: Heahwisardry, Noble, Luck, Fearful Master – +2 to Intimidation against peasantry in The Magocracy—added by GM

Screaming Skull of Death (bolt) – heals one wound for every wound inflicted upon foe
Bone Armor (armor)
Eye of the Spirits (detect)
Unsearchable Void (conceal)
Bone Shield (deflection)

Weapons: Mage staff

Armor: Chain shirt, leggings and coif

Possessions: Used Tome of Learning (deflection, now treated as an empty book), writing equipment, waterproof satchel, tailored clothing


Birthplace: Magocracy

Parents: Mage-Baron Garth and Baroness Emer

Emeric is the fourth and last son of Mage-Baron Garth and Baroness Emer. He is the grandson of the deceased Mage-Prince Serin. Garth is the fourth and last son of Serin. When Serin was a young noble, he lead a group of magi to fight an evil necromancer. After defeating the necromancer and seeing his power to control the dead, Serin came to believe that the best way to defeat the evil forces of the Hellfrost was to harness the power of Necromancy without the help of the evil goddess Hela. Years later he began to, for lack of a better term, “magically experiment” on his youngest and most expendable grandson, Emeric. Serin tried to impart Necromantic abilities to Emeric, but was unsuccessful. His experiments did have some effect, however. They made Emeric especially vulnerable to the attacks of the undead.

Emeric was not aware of any of these experiments until after his grandfather’s death. Emeric found a book detailing all of the experiments in a forgotten chest that belonged to his grandfather. This began Emeric’s own fascination with Necromancy. Unlike his grandfather, Emeric did not seek to control the undead, but rather to steal life from his foes and control spirits to do his bidding. Emeric was successful in this and all of his offensive spells steal the life of his foes and heal him. All of his other spells have some type of Necromantic trapping.

The time has come for Emeric to leave his home and seek adventure in the outside world. Armed with his Necromantic spells, he is well prepared for whatever challenges he might face.

Mage-Knight Emeric Dragomilov of the First Sphere

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